In sailing many things have changed, and will change. But the experienced seafarer knows that two things have not changed, and will not. The first is the sea itself, and the second is the quest for maximum safety of ship and crew. Few yacht designs have stood the test of time quite like the venerable Colin Archer. Designed by the Norwegian naval architect, Colin Archer, to perform rescue missions in the North Sea, this vessel became a legend.

Colin Archer CA 30

The Colin Archer type 30 is sturdy, seaworthy and full off feeling. You don’t have to go under reefed sails at the first gust of wind and she has no problem handling hard winds and rough seas. It is the perfect familyboat for those who appreciate the power of tradition.The CA 30 is made of fiberglass and we use a building technique which enables us to vary the deck layout and we can also make the interior of the boat according to your specific needs. Please ask for more details from those who have already sailed thousands of nautical miles with good experiences.